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Healthy, Well Rounded Pups Make Happy New Families


Mowgli is our sweet, smart and handsome boy. I found Whitney after countless weeks of researching breeders near Minnesota. I picked Whitney not just because of the amount of care and love she puts into her pups, but also because of her transparency and passion behind breeding well-tempered, health-tested Aussies. Whitney loves this breed and is an amazing advocate for it, as well. 

When we got Mowgli, it only took us two weeks to potty-train him. He has picked up on training commands within one training session. He is currently training to compete in agility trials. I have been complimented multiple times on his demeanor and his dashing looks (I mean, look at that face!). He has been everything I’ve wanted in an Aussie and more! 

Not only did Whitney provide me with an amazing pup, but she has provided me a lifetime of support. I cannot tell you how many times I have contacted Whitney with questions and she has happily helped me. As long as Whitney is breeding Australian Shepherds, she will forever be my go-to person for a pup. I cannot recommend her enough! 

Courtnie R.
From Minnesota


We cannot say enough about Whitney and Wexford Creek Aussies. We have gotten two pups from them and counting! Our first pup is Diggsie the sable merle! She is more than intelligent; and she practically came home POTTY TRAINED with only a couple accidents in the first couple of days (human error)! Diggise has the drive to please, the intelligence to make it anywhere, and a love that is unbreakable. She is our Velcro puppy! It was very obvious the day we first met Diggsie that she has been socialized from day one! (Kahlua X Guinness). You know she is a Kahlua pup with her frisbee abilities and drive!!

Our second pup, Blu (red tri), was an oops baby!! We were on a list for a year out, but when we saw him with those piercing blue eyes, we fell in love and it was game over! Blu has the personality like nobody else. He is sassy, dramatic, and a show stopper. We get compliments on him daily for not only his looks but his personality and intelligence! (Stella X Calcifer).

There is no one else out there that does things the way Whitney does. We cannot thank her enough for everything she does for the puppies from day one, up until the bath and goodie bag on the day we picked them up. She doesn’t take any shortcuts and does things the correct way and has EVERYTHING organized and ready for you to take home and for the vet!! We will forever be a Wexford Creek Aussie family!

Morghann K.
From Minnesota


We are so thankful for Wexford Creek Family Farms! Our girl, Ella, is a Rosa x Calcifer 2020 puppy. She is involved in a variety of dog sports including Dock Diving and AKC FastCat races. Although she does not compete in it, her passion is frisbee. She will do just about anything for her frisbee.
Ella is incredibly driven and intelligent. When we got her, she took one day to potty train (not even kidding). She picks up tricks within a day and can show them off on demand. Ella is constantly getting complimented on her looks and demeanor. She loves everyone and is obsessed with kids. (I think she likes that they are a similar size to her).
We chose Whitney because after speaking with countless breeders, Whitney was the only one who had active communication, volunteered to video chat with us, and answered all our questions and concerns in a timely manner. She has provided us with an abundance of tips and tricks. Whenever I am concerned or have questions, Whitney is always there for our family and make sure Ella is receiving the best care possible.

Sarah F.

From Illinois


"Melly is the best sport dog and cuddle buddy a dog trainer/lover could want! I was looking for my next sport dog and had several requirements which Whitney and her dogs met flawlessly! I wanted parents with standard health testing (hips, elbows, etc), and a personality that was a nice balance of working drive but also a good pet dog. 

I also wanted a breeder that treated their breeding dogs like family vs a product. It was easy to see how much she loved her dogs when I met Melly’s parents Guinness and Kahlua. Whitney spent time understanding my needs and directed me towards a litter that would be versatile as a sport dog! 

Everywhere we compete, especially agility, I get compliments on her drive to work with me. I am beyond happy with my very intelligent dog who is excelling in every sport presented to her! She is truly a lovely dog."

Maggie K.
From Kentucky


A close friend of mine found Wexford Creek Aussies while researching responsible, high quality breeders. She ended up getting one of the puppies and I absolutely fell in love with her. The following year, I got my first Australian Shepherd from Whitney. I am amazed by how much work, time, and effort she puts into her dogs to ensure that she is producing high quality, healthy pups. Summit (red merle) is everything I wanted and more.  The intelligence and eagerness to learn and please his humans is astounding. What speaks to me most about Whitney, is her dedication to the breed, to produce quality over quantity. I welcomed my second Aussie into my life this year (2019) after the original purchaser was no longer able to care for him. Whitney drove hours to go and pick him up bring him back. She worked hard to find him a good home and I am so blessed to have Bodhi (black tri). Both of my Aussies from Whitney are incredibly smart, fun to train, cuddly, loyal, fast learners, (I could go on and on.) The vast array of what you can do with these dogs is simply amazing, working, sport, show, companion, they can do it all. I cannot recommend Whitney enough, her work speaks for itself in her dogs. 

Kayla E.
From Wisconsin


I couldn't be happier to have found Wexford Creek Aussies. Whitney was amazing thoughout the process of answering screening questions, providing references and helping me with ensuring that Meadow will arrive safely since I live in the Northeast. She was incredibly responsive, answering questions about food, supplies, etc and continues to keep in touch in case we have any further questions or concerns about Meadow. Once we got Meadow we couldn't be happier. She is so beautiful, smart and one of a kind. Her personality shines and we are constantly stopped during our walks because she is such a beautiful dog. She is so playful with us and other puppies and has been incredibly easy to train to the point where we needed to find more creative training classes such as Agility because she flew through the others without any problems. Thank you so much for everything, Wexford Creek! We love our addition to our family.

Jess J. 
From Massachusetts


I am getting a little girl from Stella's litter and already went to visit after their eyes were open. The puppies are so well cared for and Whitney so carefully went over all of the testing with me. I thought I had done my homework on previous aussies from breeders and overlooked some of the testing only to find out later that I had a dog with an issue. Kahlua had just had her puppies the day before my visit and it was amazing to see how well adjusted and relaxed all of the dogs seemed. I really liked seeing all of the adult dogs together so you could see just what great personalities they have. I can't wait to get my pup!!! Great breeder!

Cher L. 
From Wisconsin


I couldn't ask for a better puppy. Whitney was great, I trusted her years of experience as a vet tech and that the puppies are family and farm raise. When we pulled into the yard it was a great setting to raise puppies, we met Daddy and Mommy and you could see the puppies are exposed to alot of experience. Her adorable daughter was playing with the puppies too so you knew they are friendly. John and I have been watching wexford creek aussie's website for a long time wanting a puppy and when our dog of 12yrs passed away we knew this was the place we wanted to get our new family member from.THANKS Whitney!!! 

John and Brenda

from Minnesota  


Elo is our amazing, big boy from Wexford Creek aussies. He's the second one I've had (counting the family dog) and I'm just amazed at the quality of dog that Whitney produces. I'd moved from Iowa to the south and searched for a breeder with ethics, quality, and the history to back it up for my first aussie on my own. After months of looking, I chose to go back to Whitney. I'd take that 14 hour drive any day for a lifetime of one of her aussies and am preparing to do so again in 2023 as we move out west. 

From her vetting process, to keeping tabs on her Aussies once they're gone, to the contracts and testing, I cannot put more trust to support anyone else's love of the breed. She helped pair me with a dog that was going to match my lifestyle and wants (a calm, confident, and curious guy) that was going to be able to keep up with us on the hikes and travel well. 

I can't wait for our second, and guarantee I'll be back for more once my boy(s) have lived their life to the fullest. A big thank you for all you've done and continue to do. 

Paige M.


We just LOVE Wexford Creek Aussies and Whitney. She puts the work in, and it shows. Family raised, health tested and just the SWEETEST dogs. She is great with follow up and and answering any questions that come up. We would absolutely recommend puppies, we have 2 from her, and would definitely buy again.

Heather W.
From Minnesota


We had the pleasure of meeting the Conway family back in 2016. Went to look at puppies and ended up with 2 boys. Then the following year we picked up a girl.Anytime I have questions, Whitney provides answers or where to look.Our dogs are the most LOVED, SPOILED and would not change a thing. Always love to see all the puppies from the different litters, every year. Who knows maybe one day another will call out our name, but for sure will never go anywhere else for our Aussies need.
Thanks to the Conway family!

Mary Ann and Alan
From Iowa


We're on our 2nd pup from this breeder and couldn't be happier. Healthy, gorgeous and brilliant. So well behaved and extremely willing to learn. You'll be very happy buying a pup from Wexford Creek!

Jesse S.
From Wisconsin


We drove from Minnesota to Iowa to get our puppy from Whitney and boy we had nothing but good things to say! When we picked Dixie up, Whitney had a care bag all ready for us with esstenials! Hopefully will not be the last dog we get from them!

Brittany S.
From Minnesota


They are absolutely amazing with everything from beginning to end. I have never seen a breeder put so much care and love into the dogs as she does. I highly highly recommended them and their puppies!!

Tiffany H. 
From Wisconsin


We adopted our little Rosie in 2018 and she has been an awesome addition to our family. From the very first time we connected with Wexford creek we had all our questions answered and were able to ask about anything we wanted and needed. She was so informative and helpful from veterinary resources to behavioral resources. I love the care packages she sends home with each puppy. Not many breeders do that. We will definitely be returning for our next Aussie!

Becky S.
From Iowa


Where to start, not only does Whitney go above and beyond with her puppies and their health and breeding she works with you to make sure your experience is great and cares deeply about her puppies even after they’ve gone to their new homes. We absolutely love our driven and sweet Elsie and we can’t wait to get another Wexford Creek baby!

Brittany T.
From Iowa

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